Ripping castup’s stream

Ripping castup’s stream

Just finished ripping a video stream of castup, and felt like sharing the knowledge – just in case somebody’ll need this sometime… Only for fair use, of course.

Step 1 – understand what’s the url of the video you’re trying to rip:

1.1. Run WireShark (previously known as Ethereal).

1.2. Add a capture filter for the TCP packets.

1.3. Play the video, until all the commercials are over, and the main stream starts to play.

1.4. Stop the capturing.

1.5. In WireShark’s list of packets – find the last HTTP GET command before the stream starts.

1.6. Easy enough, the server name and the exact url for the video are all in this single packet.

1.7. Test this url with your FireFox/Chrome – your stream starts to play. In my case it was:

Step 2 – Capture this stream into a file.

2.1. For a win32 compiled version of mencoder, I downloaded Goo Media Center from

2.2. To capture the audio I used uncompressed pcm audio.

2.3. To capture the video I used a simple frame by frame copy encoder.

2.4. The final command line became:

mencoder -oac pcm -oav copy -o c:\1\filename.avi “”


About an hour later – I had the stream, as a file, on my computer – waiting to be editted.

Step 3 – use your favorite video editting software to do whatever you want with this file.

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  4. Is this still possible? I can download big brother form mako using flashgot but I just get like 300 fragments that don’t play… is there a way to piece them back together? any suggestions?

    ps your recaptcha is very difficult

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