Goggles Phone – The Ultimate Alarm Clock

Goggles Phone – The Ultimate Alarm Clock

Just thought about a scheme to make sure that I really wake up with my alarm clock, and I came to the idea of Goggles Phone (I must be infringing a gazzilion trademarks right now 🙂 ). The idea is simple: your cell phone will ask you to pass an alertness test in order to stop ringing at the time you chose to wake up. Just like GMail has started to do. Maybe I need a Goggles for wordpress, I’m writing this post after waaay too much hours with no sleep :).

Update: Looks like this is easy to implement using Skype: https://developer.skype.com/wiki/Skype4Py/examples/s4p_call_py

I keep looking for other alternatives, though…

A mid 1970's analog alarm clock radio using ro...
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