My Marcel Duchamp’s Challenge

My Marcel Duchamp’s Challenge

Every time I piss in the toilet, I feel a great shame over the clean, fresh and tasty water that I’m using to flush my number 1. It’s a massive and collective insanity, when you pause and think about it for a moment. A giant elephant in the bathroom. About half of us on this planet, males, could piss without wasting even a single drop of water – but instead, we simply piss on everybody, and put this precious resource to a stupid use.

So, with our poor water conditions here in Israel, how come that we still don’t have some waterless johns in our homes? Awareness, Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering, and Marketing. We need all of these to solve the issue.

And here’s my challenge:

Now, that you’re aware of the situation – this is one of the greatest things that you can do to serve specifically Israel, and humanity at large: By the end of this century, make it so – that 99% of the Israelis will have a waterless-toilet-in-their-homes. Devise a name, a story, a design and an architecture – that will get us rid of this stupid water misuse. 

Anybody with me on this? Let me know. I’m thinking about starting a real competition with this 🙂

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