Rent Personal Assistant needed

Rent Personal Assistant needed

RentPA - The fastest way to rent in Tel-Aviv
RentPA - The fastest way to rent in Tel-Aviv

I’m quite sure it’s possible to find my next place for rent with an investment of about 6 hours, and a month’s worth of rent. The plan is this:

  • 40 minutes interview over Skype with MyRentPA ™.
  • Scan through videos of appropriate appartments – ~5mins x 8 videos.
  • A deeper look into the top 3 appartments: 10 mins x 2.
  • ~3 meetings x 1.5 hours.

The only problem is that MyRentPA doesn’t really exist. Yet. 馃檪 I wish they opened a branch in Tel-Aviv already.

Do you think it’s possible for a Real Estate agent to video tape his candidate appartments, make a bit of a story out of each one, have a short interview with the owners, some easy editing, and put it all on a plain and effective website?

I think it could save everybody’s time, both the owners and the people who rent the place… It sure doesn’t sound like a big effort… Maybe it could be a nice income for a starting comedian…

I bet that if the system is tuned up properly, it’s possible to make a month’s worth of rent out of each video… Am I missing something ;).

Thanks, Tal, for the inspiration…

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